The birth of a baby is always big news to its family. As far as the new parents are concerned the rest of the world stops during the blessed event. This can be even more the case for the baby’s grandparents.

Letting as many people know about the birth as possible is of great importance to the family. It’s also important for their friends to be on the receiving end of the good news. As with all important events, people like to have some kind of souvenir to commemorate the baby’s arrival. And, since from the family’s point of view it’s really big news, what could be a better souvenir than a newspaper front page which announces the birth?

Of course, most babies are born without a mention on the front page of the local paper. But somebody with a computer and some skills with the right software could easily make a convincing imitation “baby newspaper” for the family to share and distribute.

This could be an ideal opportunity for somebody who wants to start a home based business. One particularly attractive aspect to a venture of this type is the fact that many customers would like to purchase DOZENS or possibly HUNDREDS of copies of these baby newspapers. Producing the first actual front page is the part that requires most of the work. It’s a very simple matter to run off extra copies after this initial effort is done.

With a little imagination, the baby newspaper publisher can find other occasions that people would like to be able to remember with a keepsake of some kind. Graduations, wedding anniversaries and athletic victories are a few of the many events that people would LOVE to have some item to remind them of in the coming years.

Starting a baby newspaper business can be done very inexpensively. The low cost of getting started makes it a good venture to start on a part time basis with the possibility of later growth to full time- if that’s what the businessperson wants.

The marketing aspect of the baby newspaper business is the part where the most effort is required. Getting the word out so that the public finds out about your business could take a bit of time. It would be a great opportunity for you if you’re a “people person.” Bear in mind that your customers will generally be HAPPY about the event they want to remember, which can make them much easier to deal with and in generous moods. so if you have some computer skills and like to meet happy people, a baby newspaper business could be just what you’re looking for.

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