Even with the unstable economy, the medical field continues to grow! There is an increasing demand of medical workers each day due to emerging diseases and health complications. Health professions jobs are among the best and high paying careers.

In this article we have compiled the top jobs in medical field.

Dental Hygienist

Dental hygiene is a top career in the field of health care. Hygienists work closely with dentists. The main duty of a hygienist is to enhance dental health. The responsibilities of this occupation include; educating patients on dental maintenance and care, cleaning teeth and mouth exams. The job involves staying for long hours in the dental offices. It is a demanding field and one should have an associate degree to practice.

Physician’s Assistant

This is an emerging field in medical care. A physician assistant usually works under the supervision of a licensed physician. The responsibilities of a physician assistant include: disease diagnosis, medication prescriptions, interpretation of lab results and physical examination. Physician assistant are not required to attend medical school as opposed to physicians. Practicing as a physician assistant requires a Bachelors degree and a specialized graduated training.

Psychiatrist Psychiatrists are highly trained physicians who diagnose and treat ailments and diseases related to the brain. Most of the psychiatrists are hired permanently by hospitals. However, others may be found in universities, clinics, and residential treatment programs. This is a high demanding job in terms of education. Psychiatrist must complete an undergraduate degree, complete medical school training and finally four years of residency training. Bio-medical Engineering Bio-medical Engineering is the current and future of health care jobs. In this field engineers aim at using engineering and design skills to assist in solving problems in the medical field. Mostly it includes use of devices and medical equipment, conducting research and overseeing product manufacturing. There are many bio-medical engineering jobs in various health care departments like; medical diagnosis and pharmaceutical companies. In order to land a job in bio-medical engineering, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree is required plus other graduate studies. Dietitians and Nutritionists These are two different professions but they have the same roles in medical field. Both have high knowledge of meal planning and food. They have the same responsibilities in the health care; and that is helping patients and clients in advancing their wellness and health through eating a balanced diet. Job opportunities for these professions are available in clinics, nursing homes, cafeterias, clinics and even in schools. A minimum of an undergraduate degree is required in order to work in these two fields. Occupational and Physical Therapist Occupational and physical therapist are required after a patient has fully undergone a particular treatment. Both work to assist patients to recover after an accident, illness or a disease that has left the patient disabled. Occupational therapist is highly trained to help patients adapt to their new way of living or their working environment. Mostly they may help the patients in taking a shower, operating a computer, improving memory or even transferring patients to bed. Physical therapist work is closely related to occupational therapist in that they assist patients to manage pain and regain memory. The two professions require high levels of education! Physical therapist must have a doctoral degree while occupational therapist requires a master’s degree.