Following any type of accident where there is an injury, the injured party has a lot to deal with. Getting medical attention is the primary concern but once that has been seen to, making sure the party responsible for the injury is held accountable is the next step. Often, the average person has no idea how to go about this. The services of a personal injury lawyer can be invaluable when it comes to making sure medical costs are taken care of and that other compensation is achieved.

Right after the Accident

The personal injury lawyer will investigate the facts surrounding the accident. Through examining the facts and interviewing those involved, the lawyer will determine whether or not the injured party bears any of the responsibility for his or her injury. The facts will be used to determine if the client has a case that will hold up in court. If the case is sound, the attorney can determine the amount of damages that maybe won dependent upon the level of damage the client suffered.

Filing a Claim

Each jurisdiction may have different requirements for filing a claim such as deadlines for filing and what requirements must be met to file the claim. The personal injury lawyer will have an expertise in this area so that all filings are accurate and timely.

Representing the Client in Court

The lawyer acts on your behalf and represents you in court and in interactions with the defendant, the insurance companies and the defendant’s attorney. Typically, the attorney for the defendant will try to shift blame to the injured person so as to minimize any liability his client might end up with.

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