Companies that want to succeed and grow products and best services for its clients and at the same time value. Corporate finance is a helper function for the organization in terms of effective investment firms operating in these objectives. Corporate finance in the future, companies and various strategies for using them is becoming more out of it.

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Financial Officer has primary responsibility for the company’s corporate finance functions. At first glance it may look simple and CFO work identified. The overall objective for the CFO is to maximise the price of shares in the company. This seems like a very specific purpose and success are easily accessible to all, the degree and extent of stock prices. But the work is difficult, in fact, when CFO for several other financial factors that offset interrelated having impact on the overall performance of the company and the value of its shares.

Depending on the nature of the business, there are about five to ten large financial functions that perform functions should be kept in harmony of corporate finance. Are companies that rent for future leaders in the field of corporate finance are often recruited in the works, about two or three years ‘ circular in nature. The idea is that these future leaders receive several different financial functions work closely with the Chief financial officers who must make a complete system of ideas are in fact. There are two main sub functions of corporate finance. This: investment capital and the financing functions.

The function of capital investment refers to the structure of the portfolio and the company’s investment strategy and selection of investment projects. The Director of the Department of finance works closely with policy makers and managers, and shows how you can help financial principles, which include Christmas corporate strategic policy can make important decisions. Function range of investment from small investments as individual projects as a new market or product and follow up to the acquisition of the company and its product line. If cash and a small or large investment that the company tries to make his strategy relies mainly on cash flows and flows is expected. You have a lot of attention on the net present value of their investment proposals as internal rate of return the numbers, which are investments for you. Company still in their investment decisions more than the market return to succeed if they pursued projects where their internal rate of return, net present value of an investment is greater than 0 (zero).

Finance function for the company, improving capital markets. The CCF eventually must decide when it should go on the market and what are the titles that should go to raise money. Investors buy securities company and then provide the required capital. Investors actually current capital cash or trade for future cash flows. Investors may perceive as CFO at various security tools to react like this is that investors are paying the price of shares and bonds which are available and how much capital can be company increase.

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