As a cryptocurrency holder, you face the need to protect your confidential data and access your funds. Dozens of times you’ve searched information at websites “check Ledger Nano S supported coins” and “should I buy Ledger Nano S”. Let us help you. Using the hardware wallet Ledger Nano S secret data, such as private keys, will never be revealed: operations are performed in isolation inside the wallet, protected by a PIN code. Transactions cannot be compromised because they require physical confirmation on the built-in screen by simply pressing a key.

Ledger Wallet Nano S includes applications, Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, as well as other cryptoconversion on the basis of blocks. You can send and receive payments, check your account and manage multiple addresses for each currency with the same device. Nano S also supports the FIDO Universal Second Factor standard, which simplifies the authentication process on compatible online services such as GMail, Dashlane, Dropbox, or GitHub.

Nano’s manufacturers don’t change anything, so the wallet is similar to an ordinary USB flash drive. However, this time you need to use the USB cable that comes with the wallet to connect to your computer. In addition, the set includes: tight envelope with two cards: an instruction sheet and data recovery; accessories: lace on neck, fastening on the phone and ring for keys. It is noteworthy that the package no longer includes a security card with an individual cipher, unlike the previous version of the hardware wallet Ledger Nano.

Find all coins that are supported by Ledger Nano S hardware wallet and update database of coins and wallets, add the page to your bookmarks. Use it wisely!