There is nothing more important to an online business today then be able to ensure the safety of the customers who frequent their business. With recent announcements from Microsoft that they will no longer provide tech support for some of their older Windows operating systems, the financial markets are in a tizzy as to how they will protect their customers. Many merchant service account providers use these older Windows operating systems and have not upgraded themselves, even in the wake of these recent announcements.

The financial and the personal information of your customers is in your hands as well as in the hands of the merchant services provider that you choose. In order to ensure that your customers are safe, you should only consider doing business with reputable merchants such as These types of merchants will make sure to upgrade their services to deal with the ever changing world of online commerce. Outside of the Microsoft announcement, the major search engines are always making announcements that are changing the rules of how things are sold on the Internet. You need to keep up with these changes and have the right partner by your side.

The right partner will be able to make the safety of your customers priority number one without compromising the other aspects of business. This is the kind of unbroken service that your customers expect; therefore, it is the type of service that you should expect as well.