This particular tool will notify you that your return has been received, the status of process, the expected mail or deposit date for your refund, or a notice that your funds were not able to be delivered due to a problem with your address. Many taxpayers opt for this service because it is available 24/7.

Call Toll-Free Number

While the online tool is the quickest way to acquire information about your return, a toll-free number is also available. The hotline is available for Spanish speakers as well, but is only available during regular work hours.

Smartphone Application

It is no surprise that in our smartphone driven society that there is now an application to check the status of your tax return. The application is called IRS2GO. The application is available for Apple and Android phone users. Now, taxpayers can access their information in a matter of seconds by plugging in their information on their phone application.

Tax Overview

As technology has become more advanced there are a number of ways for taxpayers to access the current status of their tax return. You no longer have to wait weeks to know when your return will be available because you will be aware of exactly what your current status is at all times through one of these services.