Chicken eggs and meat have always been popular foods. The demand and consumption of these goods is growing every year. Of course, the market for meat and eggs is highly competitive, but consumer demand is not completely closed – especially since people are increasingly looking for an environmentally friendly product as in Poultry Farm in Romania.

First, you need to choose a direction of business – to determine what the birds will be bred for, for eggs or meat. Based on this, we choose the breed: the difference between broilers and laying hens is significant.

If you expect to sell meat, you need diligent birds with a large and soft belly. Specially bred broilers with regular nutrition are able to gain the desired weight in 3-4 months.

To incubate eggs, on the contrary, active chickens are needed. It is necessary to equip special areas for walking, conduct light and provide other conditions for obtaining eggs of a suitable size and quality. It is customary to buy day old chicks (and raise them) or pullets 2-3 months old. It is better not to purchase adult birds.

To get eggs, it is important to buy good layers and a rooster (1 male for 10 females). A bird must lay at least 280-300 eggs per year. The maximum egg production is observed in birds in the first year of life. Then the number of eggs laid is reduced by 30-40%. At poultry farms, old chickens are discarded; in households, they make up no more than a third of the total herd. The livestock is completely renewed in 2.5-3 years.

It is better to buy pullets on your own at poultry farms (not through markets or resellers). Here the bird comes with documents, you can be sure of its age. Purchased hens are kept in a quarantine zone for up to a month (to be checked for diseases), separately from the general herd.

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