Businesses care more about value than price; so the key to getting more money from a business ‘client’ is to convince the business that paying you will either save or make them more money than not paying you.

Once you’ve made that connection in the mind of the ‘prospect’ the amount you are charging is insignificant as long as the ‘prospect’ remains convinced that their return is higher than their expendature. As hard as you work to stay on top of technology, you most work equally hard at defining and refining your ’story.’

Start by taking inventory of your skills and certifications (by the way — the more certifications, the better.) Part of convincing the ‘prospect’ of value is removing any doubt of ‘risk’ from you not being able to do what you say.

Certifications are a must for establishing credibility.

Now, think about the services you offer from a pure dollars and cents perspective — from the propsect’s point of view. Keep refining what you have to offer until you can offer it from a perspective that says, “If you take on my services you will have more money in the long run because…”

When your ‘because’ is poweful and believable there is no limit to how much money you can make in IT.