When walking around flea markets, I overheard people bragging about making so many thousands and thousands of dollars on eBay. I thought, Yeah, sure. Well, I found myself back in college and unemployed and suddenly the flexibility of online selling came back into my mind. Like me, you may have browsed the sales items on eBay and even made a few bids. It is like a big, revolving door of used and collectible items of any description. There are even Buy it now! listings which are often new items. Like me, you may not have realized that eBay business is legitimate and an excellent way to get your own products or inventions in front of the eBay public.

It’s not difficult to get started and most importantly (the question that most everyone wants to ask), it really is a legitimate, profitable work at home business. Really! There are no worries about fly-by-night companies, up-front ‘required investments’ or secret information you have to buy to succeed.

Do your research. Internet business reviews are full of the bad businesses and the scammers that will take your money and run, as well as the good guys the authentic opportunities such as eBay.

In fact, you’ll find thousands of references for different ways to make money on eBay. eBay even lists more than a thousand reviews and guides right on their site. Believe me, the least profitable way to start an eBay business is going to garage sales and selling junk. The best eBay home businesses you can run well, I’ll bet you don’t even know them yet. I’ll tell you about one of them in a minute.

It does not matter what your living conditions are, all can work for you in running your eBay business. These things are required: a computer, something to sell and the motivation and knowledge to get started. You can work from an apartment or out of your parents’ basement.

There are several ways to get started with an eBay home business. If you have some things laying around or stored in the garage, jump on eBay and get started right away. The registration and posting an item is intuitive and goes through quickly. The website at eBay is instructive and all you need to do is read it. Just follow the directions. It is simple and straightforward. Within a half hour, you will be listing items and reaping the benefits.

As you get more familiar with eBay you will find that there are tips and options available on eBay for making the most of your listing, such as finding the value of your item. You can see what the average selling price has been and the quantity that has been sold. Good clear photos are also important and there are tips for maximizing that part of your listing. For example: well lit, and simple backgrounds. There is also advise about things like shipping costs in order not to scare off bidders with excessive shipping.

There is a ton of educational materials out there to help you get started. And, indeed, a little extra information can help and give you more advantages. You can learn tips and techniques which you would never have thought of. It can also give you the confidence to put what you have learned into practice and be successful in your new business. There is another way to make money that is just too good to be true. That is selling downloadable manuals and books, software and different kinds of lists. This does not have shipping or involve keeping inventory. After you are paid (best part) you can let them download the information. Your product is automatically re-listed and continually earns you money, as you sleep. While this is one of the most exciting ways to make money on eBay, there are other considerations which you should research prior to getting started on this.

You can get familiar with eBay doing a few small listings at first. Go through your closets, attic, and garage and put that stuff up for sale just to get some experience. After you get your feet wet, branch out and consider an information-only product or one of the other new unconventional eBay selling methods. Sounds funny, but it will work. Buy and resell items you know to be profitable. Get a relationship started with a drop-shipper, so you can sell hot items online and never even touch them yourself. They go straight from the supplier to the buyer. You just collect the profit. (Oh, by the way, this is a great way to buy wholesale items for yourself way under market prices). There’s really no reason to be at home and bored or broke; eBay can solve all these issues if you just make an effort. Have fun and build your bank accounts at the same time!