Prepare a business plan: It is very important that you set your goals. The goals will obviously be related to the target market and target audience of your business. Assess your performance for the last year and then make your business plan accordingly. Take help from professionals to formulate a profitable business scheme.

Create a solid presence on the internet: This is extremely essential since most of your customers today prefer indulging in online business transactions. Utilize social networking websites to promote your business. Create your company’s website for the convenience of your customers. Be as creative as possible to give the necessary boost to your customer base.

Keep the payment options flexible: The customers today should be given multiple payment options. Your small business company must accept debit cards, credit cards, cheques, cash etc. It will be very disappointing for your customer if you have limited the payment options to just a few modes. If you accept all modes of payment then your client base will obviously increase.

Use public relations and advertise: Creating a solid brand name for your small business is very vital for your survival this year. Utilize magazines, newspapers, internet etc to promote your business. Design amazing business cards to attract customers. Whenever you get a chance to advance your small business any further, grab that chance with both hands.

Keep proper records: While running a small business, it is important that you keep a record of all your financial resources. If you keep a track of your sales and profits then you can improve your business as the year progresses.
If you religiously follow these 5 must-do tips then surely your small business will thrive and flourish.