The need to get a bitcoin wallet account is obvious for those who decided to earn bitcoins, get paid for their goods or services in BTC or just put the savings in a digital currency. How to choose a bitcoin wallet, because it can represent anything from a normal piece of paper with a code to mobile app bitcoin, or even electronic devices?

On the technical side, the bitcoins themselves are not stored anywhere – it is only a numeric code, an entry in a database created via Blockchain technology (the “block chain”). Some people believe that this very technology is even more valuable than bitcoin as a fundamentally new monetary unit. Cryptocurrency does not have any intrinsic value and material support as any paper currency. One bitcoin is worth exactly as much as it is ready to give equivalent goods, services, or other currencies.

So why do you need a reliable bitcoin wallet? To store the keys that allow access to funds. The wallet can be regarded as a channel of communication with the entire bitcoin network, similar to how online banking provides access to financial system, allows you to make payments, store and control their own funds. So to preserve and protect, in fact, need not by the bitcoin, and the secret key. Increased opportunities are associated with high risks, so it is important to ensure the safety of their own funds.

Do not keep large sums on your computer, in a web service or mobile app. Hardware wallets suit better for large savings. Make a backup and store it in several safe places. In addition, encrypt the client, always update software and not only use online wallets. It is safer to keep the bitcoins in offline mode. The only drawback of hardware bitcoin wallets is their high cost; however, it is the best solution for storing substantial amounts of money.

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